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October 12, 2005

Is Anyone Listening to Moderate Democrats -- Third Way Report

Are the only people listening to the advice of moderate Democrats, Republicans? Sometimes it appears that way. Since election day, admonitions from "centrists" in the party collect like coins in a fountain, but earn little currency with the likes of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the party's liberal trifecta leadership team in Washington.

Republicans pay attention because they know recapturing middle class voters is the Democrats' ticket back to the White House and possibly regaining majorities in Congress.

A study released last week by William Galston and Elaine Karmack for a group called Third Way, sings a familiar refrain -- Democrats are too liberal, soft on national security and hide behind domestic policy. You can read the report here or a nice summary and analysis by Michael Barone here.

My friends on Capitol Hill say most Democrats in leadership positions in Congress ignore to these moderation entreaties. They believe anger toward Republicans and Saul Alinsky-like Rules for Radicals tactics amount to a winning strategy. Five years and two losing presidential election cycles later many Democrats are more convinced than ever that moving left is right. They are wrong. As Barone suggests,Galston and Karmack have nailed the diagnosis. But party's leadership lacks the cure.

Democrats will keep whistling past the political graveyard until they act on this advice, and the GOP will continue winning elections. Who said Republicans were the only ones having problems these days.

Federalist X

Leadership sometimes means resisting the temptation to fight. A lesson Dean and his ilk have yet to learn.

Richard Bentley

The trouble is that "moderate" Democrats are Bush Democrats.

Mujeres Desnudas Mexicanas

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