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October 09, 2005

Weary of Intra-Conservative Warfare?

If you get weary of the intramural battling among conservatives about the Supreme Court nomination flap in the next couple of days, check out a liberal attack on four conservative Catholic religious leaders. In a piece that truly borders on paranoia, Garry Wills explores what he sees as the undo influence of "fringe" Catholics like Michael Novak, George Weigel,Joseph Fessio and Richard John Neuhaus.

The piece in the October 6, 2005 New York Review of Books titled, Fringe Government contains a host of typical, liberal biases and particularly misuses survey data to suggest orthodox Catholics are somehow out of step with the majority in their Church.

He also argues that these four Catholic leaders, along with Karl Rove and Pope Benedict, control American politics and world Catholicism respectively, by playing the radical fringe like puppets.

S.M. Hutchens over at Touchstone Magazine's October 6, 2005 Mere Comments apparently agrees with my assessment of Wills. He concludes his insightful post with the following quote:

"Apparently Dr. Wills relies for a significant amount of his credibility on an audience whose ignorance is matched only by its hostility."

It's refreshing in the midst of all the intra-conservative funk to read the views of Mr. Wills for no other reason than as a reminder of where our real differences lie.

Update: Richard John Neuhaus also comments on the Wills piece on the First Things website.

Bill Baar

I thought it was the Jewish neo-cons. What happened to the left that they've fallen into this wierd world of religiouis prejudice.

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